Compliant 2-way Email 2 SMS & Voice Messages

Compliant 2-way Email 2 SMS & Voice Messages

Boommail provides the capability to send secure, intelligent 2-way SMS and Voice messages from any email client or application.

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Getting started with Boommail

1) Add your recipients

Insert the recipient mobile number with an international prefix followed by to send SMS messages or to send voice messages 


2) Compose your message

Type your message content in the body of the email.

3) Remove your email signature

Insert two hashes ‘##’ directly below the last line of your message content to automatically remove your email signature.

4) Send your message

Press send on your email and your recipient will receive the message to their phone.

5) Check for replies

Any replies to the message via text will arrive to your email Inbox

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Custom Sender

Send 1-way messages using a custom originator (e.g. your company name)


Send voice messages (delivered using Text-to-Speech)


Boommail works with any email client

Character Limits

Control the length of your messages by implementing a character limit (users receive an email warning if they exceed this)


Generate CSV reports containing transactional message data

Bulk Messaging

Send bulk messages to multiple recipients or contact groups

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