Compliant 2-way Email 2 SMS & Voice Messages

Compliant 2-way Email 2 SMS & Voice Messages

boomMail provides the capability to send secure, intelligent 2-way SMS and Voice messages from any email client or application.

Send messages in 3 simple steps.



Compose a new email message in your email account, enter your recipient details


We convert your email message into a SMS or voice message – you can decide



Your customer’s response is returned back to your email inbox

Messages sent through boomMail.


Simple and Efficient On-boarding.

  • Enjoy access for unlimited users without having to pay for additional virtual mobile numbers
  • Start sending SMS and voice messages from your email account in less than 5 minutes
  • No connection charge or integration needed
  • No integration needed
  • Send interactive 2-way messages and receive replies straight back into your inbox
  • Send 1-way messages using your name instead of a number as the Sender ID
  • No development or management of proprietary code
  • No training required

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